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Oak Brook Fire  Department – Swiftwater/flood Operation Equipment - $1,159.00
Oak Brook Police Department – Forty-Four Torniquets - $994.00
Oak Brook Historical Society – Donation for a metal desk - $550.00
Oak Brook Civic Association – Donation towards newsletter - $800.00
 Standing from left to right, Deputy
Lina Shah (past President); Minnie Sandstedt (President);
Barry Liss (Fire Chief)
 Standing from left to right, Deputy Chief Jason Cates;  
Barbara Williams and Alice Durocher 
Commander Jeffrey Weber of the Oak Brook Police
 Standing from left to right, Sue Yochim (past President); Minnie Sandstedt (President);
Deputy Chief Jason Cates (Police Dept.); Barbara Williams (Chairperson of Philanthropy)
 Alice Durocher (member); Jeffrey Weber (Patrol Division Commander of the Oak Brook Police) 
 Standing from left to right, Deputy Chief Jason Cates; 
Alice Durocher
Commander Jeffrey Weber of the Oak Brook Police
                   From left to right: Barbara Williams (Chairperson of Philanthropy)
     Kathy Meyer (Oak Brook Historical Society)
Thanks to our fundraiser in April 2013, we were able to respond to a number of philanthropic
requests from the following Oak Brook organizations. 
They were rewarded the following donations at our September annual Friendship Tea.
Oak Brook Historical Society                 $1,150.00 – Picture hanging system & 33 chairs
Oak Brook Police Dept.                          $    460.00 – supplies for Citizens Police Academy
Oak Brook Little League                         $    230.00 – 2 facemasks, leg guard and chest protector
Oak Brook Fire Dept.                              $    460.00 – money towards a digital camera
Standing from left to right, Deputy Chief Cates; 
Lina Shah, President of OBWC and
Commander Weber of the Oak Brook Police
From left to right, Barbara Williams Chairperson of Philanthropy,
Tom McEllin, Fire Chief, Kathy Carson; and
Lina ShahPresident of the Oak Brook Women´s Club

 OBWC awarding the Oak Brook organizations - 2012 

 Thanks to our fundraiser in April 2012, we were able to respond to a number of philanthropic requests from the following Oak Brook organizations.
They were rewarded the following donation at our September annual Friendship Tea:

Oak Brook Historical Society:      - $950.00 for 50 folding chairs/ a folding cart
Oak Brook Civic Association:      - $1000 to help defray printing costs of the OBCA annual calendar
Oak Brook Park District:               - $500 towards record board for the Oak Brook Park District Stars Swim Team
Oak Brook Police Department:  - $850 for purchase of National & State Village Flags, poles, ornaments
    and stands for the newly formed Honor Guard
Oak Brook Fire Department:     - $300 for an Automated External Defibrillator Plus Trainer2 unit
Graue Mill and Museum:           - $400 for a Dell 1210S Value Series Projector
 OBWC awarding the Oak Brook organizations - 2011 


The Oak Brook Women’s Club has long been a supporter of the Oak Brook

community organizations and facilities. Beginning 1964, since the OBWC

has been in existence, thousands of dollars have been distributed throughout

the community. The Oak Brook Public Library, The Oak Brook Police Department, 

The Oak Brook Fire and Rescue Squads, The Little League, The Civic Association, 

The Oak Brook Park District, Mayslake, The Historical Society and others have 

all received contributions from the Oak Brook Women’s Club.

We encourage you be part of this organization. The OBWC is a social organization

with philanthropic ties to the com­munity. Just by being a member you are helping the

com­munity in which you live. Donations are always welcome. Members are always

needed. Women need friends to flourish in this world. The OBWC needs you to be

friend.This group provides the opportunity to help women make and keep friendships.

 This organiza­tion offers networking and support opportunities for its members.

To find out more about the OBWC e-mail us at obwc@oakbrook­womensclub.com.

Membership applications are available to print on line. You must be an Oak Brook

resident to join. Featured items are for the purpose of exhibits and may not be the

 original item as purchased. Reproduction of this material is not allowed except

by expressed permission from the OBWC




The Oak Brook Women’s Club is very proud to announce that the following
donations were presented at the Friendship Tea:
Oak Brook Police Department- donation towards: a Reconyx License Plate Capture device
Oak Brook Fire Department- donation towards: Incident Safety Officer Training
Oak Brook Park District- donation towards: a park bench to be placed in Central Park with
                                           a memorial plaque to the OBWC.
Oak Brook Civic Association - donation towards: the printing of the OBCA Annual Calendar
Oak Brook Historical Society - donation towards: the purchase of the Optoma DLP Multimedia Projector
                                                          and Sony XR150 Video camera and Quantoray QSX 9002tm tripod.
Oak Brook Little League- donation towards: the purchase a Field Dragging Conditioning Unit
Graue Mill and Museum- donation towards: the purchase of educational materials for children’s programs.


We express our most sincere thanks to The Oak Brook Fire Department, The Library,

and the volunteer demon­strators in the photos for their corporation.

Photos courtesy of Jacqueline Vamvakas.Oak Brook Library Cara Rodriguez and Luke Flaska






1930, Courtesy Oak Brook Historical Society                       2007, Courtesy Oak Brook Historical Society


In 1890, Frank Osgood Butler moved to Hinsdale and built a home there. He was the son of Julius W. Butler,

who had founded the J. W. Butler Paper Company in St. Charles in 1844. In 1898, Frank Butler bought property

on 31st Street at Salt Creek. He developed it as a summer home and horse farm and called it Oak Brook farm.

It was adjacent to Natoma Dairy, which Mr. Butler later purchased and continued to operate. 

Frank O. Butler and J. Fred Butler donated ten acres adjacent to the dairy and provided funds for the building   

of a new school to replace the one-room Rabbit Hill School and the one-room Torode School. In 1921, this

attractive, red-brick building in the Georgian Revival style was completed. The popularity of this architectural

style had been enhanced locally by the 1893 Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition. The architectural firm

of Ashby and Schultz designed the building with Edward A. Amacker acting as superintendent of construction.                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Thus began the 40-year history of the Butler School. Then, in 1930, children gathered in front of the Butler School,

presumably for their school photograph. There were two classrooms: one for grades one through four, and one

for grades five through eight. The average attendance for the school was about 52 students.

Throughout these years, the building also served as the community center for a wide range of activities,

among which was the World War II Civil Defense organization that took on the name of the

Oak Brook Civic Association, apparently the first use of those words to describe the geographical

area known as Oak Brook today. After the war, the area changed from a farming community to an equestrian hub.

The Tri-State and East-West Tollways were completed in 1958 and Oak Brook sat at their crossing. A large

shopping center, with fast-paced corporate and residential development followed immediately.

Paul Butler, son of Frank Butler, traded the old property for a new seven-room school setting.

The new Village of Oak Brook subsequently has used the old site as a Village Hall, a Police Station, and a Library.

Now, the Oak Brook Historical Society hopes to lease the Old Butler School as the future Oak Brook Heritage

Center. In 2008, during the 50th Anniversary of the Village, the Historical Society established the Oak Brook

Historic Preservation Fund, the  mission of the Fund being to preserve the heritage and history of Oak Brook

by restoring its historic landmarks. The Old Butler School was a fund recipient in 2008, receiving $18,500.00

from the fund which will be used to begin renovation. Also in 2008 the Oak Brook Garden Club enlisted the aid

of landscape designer Brandon Peters to design a garden for the School reminiscent of the one that had

surroundedt during its early years. The beautiful garden was installed and labeled by the Garden Club

and dedicated in September, 2008. The School is also now graced with a beautiful commemorative brick

sidewalk installed by the Historical Society which bears the names of many of the School’s alumni,

members of the founding Butler family, as well as many residents and former Village officials.